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There's Lots Of
"Puppy Time"
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Our puppies are held in our laps daily... even before their eyes have opened they know our voices, our scent, and our touch. We "imprint" ourselves on the puppies from the first hour of their birth.  Here is a two week old puppy in Chester's Lap.  They all have lap time even before they can see or walk.  We have found this so important in the long term development of temperament.

As they grow... we introduce them to the outdoors. We live on 20 acres and far back from any roads.  They have lots of room to play here at WhiteOak.  However, since they are raised indoors under our feet, they become extremely familiar with a family's routine.

Our Puppies are lucky to have Patrick, our 10 year old to play with.  Patrick is really great with the puppies!  And they learn to respect "little people" too.

Our puppies are introduced to many different situations  so that they can become adaptable to new situations  without undue stress when they go to their new homes.  We have learned just how important this really is.  They will hear loud noises, TV's, DoorBells, pots n' pans and many other dogs barking before they go home with their new families.
Our puppies are introduced to the "outdoors" and "green grass" for short periods of time at first.  Other than "playtime" outdoors,  they are raised in our home the entire first 8 weeks of their lives.  Then they learn to spend more and more of the daytime outside.  Our Puppies just LOVE to be outside.  We do keep them from long periods of sun exposure in order to keep their hair coats shiny, dark and healthy.  The sun will dry out their coats and fade the color drastically...  especially in the liver and white coated springers.  If you want a beautiful coat on your springer, you will have to pay close attention to the sun exposure it is getting.  Also, the food you feed your puppy plays an important role too.